Friday, 8 February 2013


 If you comprehend plenty a couple of subject, you ll be able to teach
others by creating your own Wikihow  site. It consists of a main user
webpage and a many of articles. With Wikihow, you are taking on the role of
on-line teacher, except you wish solely dedicate regarding associate hour
to a piece that may educate and inform others forever.

    Building Your Main User Page

 move to associated register for an account. Enter your
required login name, arcanum and a legitimate email address. Enter within
the captcha code that\'s presented verify that you simply square measure a

        Log into your new wikiHow account. Click  on My User Page at the
menu that  listed on the paw aspect of your on-line dashboard.


        Click \"Edit This Page\" to start out building your Wikihow web
site. kind in your article details to customise your page, together with a
headline, bio, photos and links. you\'ll be able to additionally use the
Wikihow tools at the highest of the writing box to feature horizontal line
breaks and organize your text in a very reader-friendly manner.

        Save your main user page to be revealed on-line.
 making a piece

        Click \"Write associate article\" at the highest of your Wikihow
page. kind within the name of your article or enter in a very subject to
induce suggestions for articles that haven\'t nonetheless been written.
you\'ll be able to additionally submit antecedently written articles that
you simply still maintain rights to by emailing the Wikihow team.

        Enter associate introduction to your article(s), the steps to
finish the task and the other useful recommendation.

        Save your page. The article are revealed, and different Wikihow
users are ready to edit or format your article.

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