Thursday, 7 February 2013


 An article directory could be a web site with collections of articles written regarding totally different subjects. typically article directories area unit named as content farms, that area unit websites created to provide mass content, wherever some area unit supported churnalism.

An article directory could settle for new articles from any contributor, however could need that a replacement article is exclusive (not revealed elsewhere) and not spun ( article spinning).  Usually article is about 400-500 words, and tools like a application program editor for writing and submitting a piece could also be provided.

An author box could also be provided for private info regarding AN author, as well as a link to the author\'s web site.

Tags or classes could also be wont to organize articles and to assist with search engines since tags or classes act as keywords that establish the topics lined within the article. several directories pay the author for his/her registration. many directories review articles before they pay revealed and there could also be a waiting amount of many days before a replacement article seems. This helps to eliminate calibre submissions, as well as copy articles, spam and spun content.
Submitting articles for SEO

Article directories enable users to submit distinctive articles to the directory. These directories enable articles to plant links to different websites with relevant anchor text. in style article directories area unit thought of authority sites and area unit perpetually crawled by computer program bots. Webmasters submit articles with relevant anchor text linking back to their website to get backlinks.
Article structure and format

For SEO functions, the best article length is presently 800–1200 words with a keyword density of roughly 2%–3%. optimum article length changes over time; as recently as 2008, articles that were two hundred to four hundred words long were deemed acceptable. As search engines still evolve the importance of the content continues to rise. Most article directories enable links however sometimes limit the quantity to a pair of or three. The backlinks ought to have anchor text created exploitation HREF tags. Most article directories compel keyword stuffing, therefore it\'s smart observe to use multiple anchor text and links within the article.

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